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Looking for English speaking nanny in Caslano

I am American married to an Italian and our son will be 3 in January. I'm pregnant and expecting a baby girl in March. We live in Caslano. Our wonderful nanny who had been with us for about 15-20 hours a week left us due to her own pregnancy last month so we would like to find someone who could begin asap. Around February we would start to need a bit more help and that would probably last at least through June, possibly all the way through to September when our son starts asilo after which we would go back to needing around 15 or so hours of help.

A possible schedule would be

Mondays 11am-4pm-you pick him up from school at 11am and bring him home, lunch, play etc.

Wednesdays 11-4pm, same as Monday

Fridays 9-3 or so, at our home.

As of February-

Monday-Friday 2 or 3-8pm.

We are somewhat flexible with these hours but I guess this would be the general idea. We are looking for someone with a lot of patience and energy, who can provide gentle and caring guidance, as our son is very active and is in a phase where he wants to do and try everything but still needs a lot of guidance. We need someone very reliable and who will be able to stay for at least 6 months.
I would be very happy to hear back from you and meet you as soon as possible if our needs might suit you.

Enjoy your evening.


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